Zuzu & Leelu is an accessories and apparel shop created and designed by Shanasaki aka Shana D. Cooper. The shop’s designs are inspired by cultures of the African diaspora, science fiction/fantasy, mathematics, universal spirituality, Anime, Manga, and Asian cultures.

A tsumami kanzashi hair piece created with African wax cotton fabric.

What’s in a name?

Some years ago, I felt Shanasaki Designs needed a new name. I wanted the shop to have the geeky, whimsical and cultural styles that inspire me.

The name Robots & Roses came to me as I looked at two mismatched earrings; one a rose, the other a robot. Robots & Roses also suggested science fiction and romance that part of my shop embodied.

But I needed more than that. I needed to think about what also motivated me to create these products, so I thought of my children.

I found the shop name that I was looking for. The names Zuzu and Leelu came from the baby nicknames of my son and daughter. Zuzu came from watching an episode of Futurama the night before I gave birth to my son and Leelu is inspired by The Fifth Element character.

Since I made the name switch, seeing my shop name always makes me smile and I create my products to put a smile on my customers’ faces when they receive their items.

Zuzu & Leelu is not just a name of a shop. It is a growing brand that now embodies my interests and culture mixed with childhood whimsy.

Thanks for visiting today!

Love and Light ^_^




For more, visit www.shanasaki.com to experience Shana’s writing, art and music.